A day in the life of...

The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

let the games begin

drinking until we pass out
dancing on tables
smoking cheap cigarettes
sex on picnic tables
late night deep and meaningful conversations with strangers
rock music
chatting in French on the train
punch-ons in dark alleys
talented graffiti
slaves to fashion
acing exams we didn't study for
sky-high heels
calm, cool and collected
early morning bacon and eggs at cafes
cupcakes and caramal slice
staying home on Saturday nights to study and read
booze runs
dark chocolate tim tams
mosh pits
cheering at the footy

J is...
sexy, wilfull, tattoed, pierced, constantly changing jobs, caffeinated, artisitc, stoned, ambitious, multilingual, spontaneous, wild, free, lust, athletic, charmed, unlucky
A is...
neurotic, violent, exceptional public speaker, alcoholic, commitment-phobic, scarily intelligent, punk, funny, honest, confrontational, brutal, dressed in black, cynical
M is...
talented dancer, nerdy, sweet, demanding, calculated, well-traveled, rich, witty, romantic, traditional, trusting, loved, animal-rescuer, skilled driver, expertly made-up, fun
L is...
peaceful, kind, ambitious, smart, pretty, day-dreamer, charitable, never enough time, well-read, beautiful, political, family-orientated, trusting, financially-savvy, bored