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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, April 29, 2013

"I can like your cock and not be a whore"

The awkward moment when you're watching porn and someone else walks in...

J's hotel room escapades with the punk guy who's into kinky sex went better than expected. And though he brought with him a backpack full of toys, there were no anal beads in sight. Plus. While J had fun she has no real need to repeat the adventure. Even for her, sex 5 times in one night is a bit much. Three is probably her limit. Plus the whole thing was starting to make her feel a bit like a whore. She was feeling as if she was just being used for sex without any kind of respect for everything else that she is. It's a fine line sometimes. There's a big difference between liking and enjoying sex and being a whore. And no girl likes to feel like a whore. Probably even when she's being paid for it.

Nobody has still heard anything from A. Her brother has been in a funk because his girlfriend has stopped answering his phone calls and he can't work out why. M has been trying to cheer him up, going as far as baking cookies and flourless chocolate cake. She feels kind of strange about it since they aren't exactly friends but they are living together and he is A's little brother, and M knows that if A were there she would do anything to cheer her brother up. Because for all of A's faults, the one thing she is (usually) is a good sister. Anyway she needs something to distract herself from the millions of assignments she has for uni.

G is enjoying her new adult life back home. She is living with her boyfriend, has a proper job, goes to trivia on Tuesday nights and drinks 2 glasses of wine with the girls from work on Friday nights. Could things get any more boring for her? But then if it doesn't bother her it can't really bother anyone.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Giving me the sweet talk, walking down the cat walk"

A is in Europe and she's supposed to be hanging out with socially retarded nerd types who are obsessed with international law. We don't really know what she's up to though, as her only communication has been an email to J stating 'I just fucked a guy like Napoleon Dynamite.' We seriously hope she's joking.

Meanwhile back home her brother and M are dealing with their awkward living situation. They never really knew each other outside of the fact that M is one of A's best friends, and that she got really drunk and photobombed all the pictures at both his 18th and 21st birthday. The fact that his girlfriend is always over makes it even more strange and M doesn't know much what to say.

J is still sleeping with the not so punk punk guy. He doesn't even go to local punk gigs and J's metal head rock chick A-replacement is not impressed. Plus there's the fact that he's into kinky sex and wanted to have sex with J on a public train. J doesn't mind occasional action in a quiet park, but there's a line she just won't cross and that's about it. Still, she's planned a night in a hotel room with him. Here's hoping there's no appearance of anal beads. Apparently they're a thing.

L and A haven't been speaking since A left for overseas. Not that they aren't speaking, just that they haven't spoken. Which is not so weird considering A has barely spoken to anyone and her facebook updates leave more questions that answers, except that L doesn't seem that bothered by it. Her boyfriend is about to start a full time traineeship soon. Maybe she'll have more spare time. Probably not.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What we're doing this month...

Loving: internet banking 
Listening to: The Kooks
Crushing on: Harvey Specter from Suits
Worshipping: Alfred Hitchcock

Eating: black truffle dumplings
Drinking: jaeger bombs

Rocking: striped jumpers
Reading: Noble House by James Clavell
Failing: to pay our bills on time