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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"It's not you, it's me"

What sucks: the way this generation is expected to be educated and experienced before entering the workforce, and if you didn't graduate in the top 1% of your class and your dad isn't the best mate of so-and-so you can still expect to be working unpaid volunteer/intern work for the first year or more of your career. This is living the dream? Maybe a career waitressing or in retail is not that bad.

E is back to unpaid volunteer work after the company he was working for as a graphic designer went bust and still tends bar by night. A has been slaving away all summer without a hope in hell of getting a job upon graduation. J is busy studying for a supplementary exam that could get her kicked out of university. M has no idea what she's doing with her life. At least things are working out for G and L, at least on the professional front. It's just all crap really.

A continues her fling with the autistic guy but he is starting to bother her be completely ignoring social norms. He is also apparently into kinky sex and wants to get her off while her body is covered in pegs. A is not against blindfolds or being tied up, but pegs is a little weird...and it doesn't turn her on. So that's likely to go down the drain. She's also trying to adjust living with her brother after living with G for so long. Sometimes she feels like her mother when she nags at him to wash the dishes or clean his clothes off the floor. And she is not old enough to be feeling like her mother. Then there's the dodgy van that has been parked outside their place since the day after her brother moved in. Odd.

J bumped into 'the one' and his ex-now-back-on-girlfriend while out last week. They were acting all coupley so J said hi and then went to make some new friends. Later in the night she started chatting to the girlfriend while having a cigarette and she told J that although they'd had a few difficulties she and 'the one' had never actually broken up. She seemed a bit pissed off that J didn't seem to know that. J was a bit pissed off that 'the one' had basically lied to her and tried to get sympathy off her, as well as get into her pants. The later she's used to. She confronted 'the one' about it who assured her they had actually broken up but had decided to get back together. J wasn't sure what to believe but she figured it was 'the one' who was her friend. She started hanging out with him, but the girlfriend cracked the shits and started yelling and made a huge scene. 'the one' looked embarrassed. J just felt sick of the whole thing. Apparently them being friends is impossible. His girlfriend called J a slut and told her to stop chasing after 'the one' to which J responded she has no interest in fucking 'the one' EVER and then he got pissed off which only made the girlfriend more pissed off...J got home the next night to discover her and A had been deleted off facebook. She was hoping they could stay friends but that's that.

M has been spending a lot of time with one of the guy she went out on a date with. He has the funniest name ever, but sadly it can't be printed here. Use your imagination. Apparently they've already had sex in every room of M's house. She seems pretty impressed with it all which is nice to see. E even seems happy for her although M isn't exactly calling him her boyfriend yet. Maybe she needs more of the casual things in life rather than being hyper-committed all the time.

L is getting weirder and weirder about her relationship, trying to hide details and lying about where she has been (or who she has been with) even when it's obvious or she's been tagged on facebook. She admitted it's because her boyfriend wants to keep the relationship private. Um...when you hook up with one of your friends you don't get to have a private relationship. Everybody has an invested interest, everybody wants to know what's going on and how it's going to turn out. If you want a private relationship, go hook up with someone halfway across town none of your mates know. Hook up with a member of the friendship group, and it's everyone's business. A point M tried to make clear to L, as she did the whole friend thing with E. But L just won't listen. Now that she's the one in a relationship she's become quite smug about the whole boy/girl thing. It's not a good look on her.

At least we all got to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Big Day Out. Kicking arse Flea.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Yeah, this song is dedicated to every kid who ever got picked last in gym class"

The awkward moment when you've aired your house out for two days...and you still can't get the vodka smell out.

The awkward moment when your brother arrives home and there is a strange guy sitting in the kitchen...and you don't recall even going home before you went to work.

The awkward moment when a taxi driver knows more intimate details about your life than any of your friends.

The awkward moment when you spend half an hour train trips bitching loudly about how you do or don't like anal sex...and the train is full of small children and elderly grandma types.

The awful moment when you spend every nice summer's day in the library (in between dry-heaving in the library toilets) instead of at the beach or in a park.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Live and let live"

Now that M finally feels as though she has made peace with her E past, she can move on. She has a new plan to say yes to every date offered, even with people she thinks she doesn't like, because it's ridiculous to play into the idea that you have a type and you never know who your next boyfriend is going to be. Already she's been out with 2 guys, one an old friend who she bumped into after a few years and one guy she met at a first aid course for work. Both were attractive but not her usual type. They were both nice, funny and smart. M is starting to think it has been way too long since she had any male action. Maybe it's time she played the field a bit.

For J, the 'the one' drama continues. Her and A went to the opening of a new club, only to see 'the one' and his supposed ex-girlfriend hanging out together and looking suspiciously couple like. J found a mutual friend to question who told her they were back together. A quick check of 'the one''s facebook confirmed this, although it still sounds complicated and from other people's comments not everyone supports their relationship. J does. As far as she's concerned she's back off the hook. They hung out as friends a bit that night and 'the one' didn't seem weird at all. Maybe he has decided he really does love his girlfriend.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?"

It's a new year and, naturally, nothing has changed. Does anyone believe it actually will? Oh year, for the first week of January the number of joggers on well-worn paths trebles (much to J's irritation as she runs 4 times a week year round) but by now everything is back to normal and everyone is buying up a lot of booze and lamb for the Australia Day BBQ.

Anyway, J has more to worry about than a few extra people jogging on her preferred route. She's still trying to dodge 'the one' is still ringing her constantly suggesting they 'hang out' which is not something she wants to do with him. He is posting sad, pathetic posts of facebook about how he misses his girlfriend (well ex) but he is still hitting on J. And we thought at the very least he was a nice guy. You just can't trust anyone. J's psychotic French grandma is also down for a visit. Naturally, all she does is abuse J about every aspect of her personality from her tattoos to her long hair and what she's doing with her life. It's no wonder J is holed up in her room smoking pot for most of every visit from her grandma. Her mother just seems to disappear for most of the time and her father is also hitting the wacko tobacco. Luckily, it's only a one week stay.

The alternative grandma is A's Betty White like grandma who decided to stay with A for a few days after G moved out (she's left for the great South American adventure, and managed to get her card skimmed on her first day in Brazil). She potters around the house making super spicy curries and yelling about how overrated Tomic is while watching the tennis before telling A she's off to the movies with a nice fellow she met at the RSL. Meanwhile A has been hooking up with a high-functioning autistic guy she met at a pub. It's working out surprisingly well because he can't show or read emotion, and neither can A. And they both don't really seem to care.

M has started pole-dancing classes as her New Year's Resolution and apparently it is a good workout. Unfortunately everyone there is female. Her and E spent NYE together with a few other friends and had an excellent night. M is thinking that maybe, after everything, they do actually make better friends after all. Well she says that, until he finds another girl. Which he will. E is never short of a girlfriend. Although M hasn't really been short a boyfriend for awhile now.

L spent NYE in a hotel room with her new boyfriend, much to everyone's disgust. She received a bunch of catcalling phone calls which she chose to ignore. She also bumped into her ex, secret admirer, a few days ago. He suggested they catch up. L told him that sounded good but didn't mention the new boyfriend. It's an odd situation for her. At the time, she really thought she cared about secret admirer even though she didn't want a serious relationship with him. Now she thinks maybe that was all in her head, because she's managed to overcome her commitment phobia with her new boyfriend. Sadly, she has become quite smug about it and now thinks she's the expert on overcoming commitment phobia and keeps telling A and J that one day they'll find the right guy. A pointed out that she's seeing a guy who has autism because she can't stand emotions and that every guy who falls in love with J makes her want to run the other way. Or put him 6 feet under. Maybe they are just a little bit more fucked up.

C has, thankfully, broken up with his boyfriend but is now in some bizzare threeway relationship with another guy and a girl. It might be a little too (semi)monogamous, but is so typically C to behave so strangely that it seems there's hope for him yet. Well, until he decides to settle in the suburbs and have 2.5 kids.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What we're doing this month...

Loving: old records on vinyl 
Listening to: Come of Age The Vaccines
Crushing on: Alex Pettyfer
Worshipping: Lena Dunham

Eating: leftover turkey and ham
Drinking: vanilla vodka with coke

Rocking: rusted bracelets, beaded bracelets and old friendship bands
Reading: Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane and the rest of the Downside Ghosts series
Failing: to get enough sleep