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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Oh love"

A quick trip to Kings Cross in Sydney for A and L. Spent more time in strip clubs or sipping sour cocktails than in the library of arguing law in the Federal Court.

A quick trip to Queensland for M with her wealthy new almost step-dad. Yeah, just after the boating trip. Turns out he's rich. He's buying a place for himself and M's mum. M's dad is selling the family home because he can't afford it and it's too big for him and M's younger sister. M is moving across town.

Druggie's boyfriend won't let her out of the house after he learned she's been swapping romantic texts ('i love you' not 'i want to fuck you') with an old flame.

J is busy trying to avoid 'the one' while hooking up with guys whose name she doesn't care to remember. She's also got a new group of gay friends, because she figures they can't cause her trouble. Pity they happily spend $1600 on a jacket...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"...and that's when it fell off in my hand"

As if she was going to get out of it that easy.

About two months ago, J had a one-night-stand. Nothing unusual about that. In fact, it wasn't even a particularly good one-night-stand. After a fight with Druggie J had found herself all alone and feeling a bit pissed off so she just went after any old opportunity. And she was disappointed.

Since then she's seen him a few times, and started hanging out with (and hooking up with) several of his mates. Poor guy though seems to have fallen for her. They had an awkward drunken chat where he declared he though she might be the one (hence why he will be known as 'the one' from now on). J ignored it along with his dozens of text messages suggesting they hang out and made it obvious she considered him a friend. And not a particularly close one at that. But there was to be no escape. He's always there attempting to cock block her and he's acting worse than Wow. He even added A on facebook, although he's never met her. Wow did too, but at least they'd spoken.

Then to top it all off he sent her a text saying 'I'm really sorry about our first sexual encounter, I've never failed to make a girl scream before.' That was all it said. How do you even respond to that?

There's only one way really. Do not reply.

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Hey I heard you were a wild one"

About a million years ago (okay more like 6 months, but who's counting) J made enemies out of a local band when she didn't recognise them. They aren't a huge band, but they're typical of those arrogant musos who think that anyone who's anyone knows who they are. Maybe they're even right. J did know who they were, but she was too drunk to notice. She started chatting away and asked, "Oh, are you in a band?" They all now hate her. Over dramatic? Probably. That's bass players for you.

Recently he's started working at a club we frequent...frequently. He started off just cleaning tables and staying far away from J, so that was okay. He seems to have earned himself a promotion to door bitch though. Last weekend he refused to allow J to reenter after she smoked a cigarette and suggested A have a glass of water because she's 'too drunk'. Oh yeah, that's a real rock star. J was seriously pissed off and had to go next door and drink in some dance club full of 16 year old sluts with fake IDs and their arse hanging out of their skintight dresses. It's enough to make you throw up. Even if you haven't consumed a drop of alcohol the night before. J is slightly concerned now. Is this guy the permanent door bitch? All the other bouncers love her. She's there all the time. This guy is just a twat with an ego way bigger than he's earned.

Meanwhile M is busy attending design conferences and trying to fit in coffee with E when she has the chance. She's glad they're friends again but a part of her yearns for something more. A big part of her. She has a date later in the week with a guy she met at uni and hopes that goes well. But she just can't see herself clicking with anyone the way she does with E. She's afraid to admit that to him, even though he's currently single.

L is avoiding text messages and facebook chats with a guy she got mostly naked with at a recent law conference. She's quite embarrassed about the whole thing because normally she so isn't like that, but she's also annoyed because she has no intention of ever seeing him again. Partly because he lives in another city but mostly because she feels like if she couldn't make it with secret admirer she can't make it with anyone. At least, not at this point in her life.

Trouble in paradise is continuing with G and her longtime boyfriend. After a week of spending every night together she suggested to him that they spend a bit of time apart. He asked her if she wanted to break up. Despite the increasing doubts G was shocked and horrified. She figures this is a good sign for their relationship. But even though she told him she definitely doesn't want to break up, she's wondering if he does. And, what exactly they're going to do about that.

Of course C is still overseas in Europe and is having an 'absolutely fabulous' time even if he did have a sneaky vomit under the Eiffel tower after consuming too much red wine and woke up in London with bruises all over his face. Ah well. It happens.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What we're doing this month...

Loving: freaking people out on public transport with manic laughter
Listening to: Kyuss
Crushing on: Channing Tatum in Magic Mike
Worshipping: people who have their shit together

Eating: chicken parmas with bacon and pineapple
Drinking: martinis
Rocking: long skirts and lace tops
Reading: the new Kathy Reichs Bones are Forever

Failing: to behave normally in job interviews