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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"So fragile yet so devious"

It's the end of an era. Even if it wasn't that long of an era.

After E told M he wanted to go on a break while on a 6-month working trip overseas she decided to give him a little space. She certainly wasn't about to throw their relationship away because she loves him and he's one of her best friends and she truely felt they could last the distance. But a little space turned into a lot when he ignored her texts and emails. It wasn't like she was harrassing him. They'd gone from talking three times a day to a text every second day. After a week of nothing she managed to get him on the phone but he spoke to her for about three seconds and made excuses that he had to go.

M was pissed off. Break or not, she still wanted to talk to him. Following that conversation she noticed a whole heap of new photos on his facebook, a reoccurring blonde in all of them. He then changed his profile picture to the two of them. M doesn't like to think of herself as crazy and paranoid, but he is overseas and the girl was pretty. She send a long email asking who the girl was and demanding E actually start talking to her again. If nothing else, they're supposed to be friends. But there was no response.

M couldn't take it anymore. She can't be with someone who won't talk to her and won't tell her why. She finally got E on the phone and told him, fuck the break it was over now. If there's anything to be salvaged they can work it out when he gets back to Australia.

The only question now is what will happen to their friendship.

Monday, March 26, 2012

"You DO have the right to be an attorney, if you want to."

Why is it that your hair always looks it's most fabulous after you've been up dancing until 4am? You feel like your head is literally about to explode, but at least you look good.

There's something so fun and thrilling about crashing a workmate's (A's) house party and drinking all their vodka and smoking their pot out on the balcony so you get the munchies and send someone down to Hungry Jacks because you're completely desperate for a burger, and you end up forgetting about them and eating Doritos and passing out on the couch.

J got the number of a 40-something metal head who reckons he can get her a job at a radio station. J isn't holding her breath, but anything is better than the hell hole that is retail, where the only fun is centre-wide evacuations because someone's been smoking in the toilets.

A managed to almost get herself arrested for drinking in public, which she was not pleased about considering she was carrying half a beer and other people at the train station were clearly smoking pot or running up and down the platforms wasted. She managed to talk her way out of a fine and got an official warning. Guess the law classes are doing some good after all...Let's just say it wasn't her first warning.

M has been acting rather odd lately, possibly to do with her falling out with long distance boyfriend E. J invited her out to a party she was getting to around 8pm, which M claimed was far too early to be heading out drinking. She may have had a point with that. J ended up running late and called M at 9 to see if she wanted to come out. M didn't answer her phone, but called back around 10 to say that it was too late to head out now. Curious and curiouser. Or maybe she was just super eager to get to the gym the next morning at 8am. At least it was empty. All the cool kids were in bed hungover...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"You say you want a revolution, man, and I say that you're full of shit"

Is that it? Is it really over?

M and E have been doing long distance for a few months now, and it's all been smooth sailing. Of course, smooth sailing means it's still hard when the person you're in love with is thousand of kilometres away and they aren't always available when you really need to talk to them and well, they can't touch you. Even if it's just a hug you really need, they aren't there. But mostly, it's been okay. They've both been faithful, even though M spent 3 weeks with the quintessential singles girls in Thailand and had more than one opportunity to pull a guy that was, let's face it, far more good-looking than E. E has been faithful, even though he's in a new country and made a whole heap of new friends, including some decidedly skanky, under-dressed for the New Zealand weather girls. M and E have been good friends for years and their relationship has just made them even closer and they weren't going to let the distance ruin things. Besides, it was only 6 months.

But maybe 6 months is too long.

They've been skyping pretty much every second day but it's not abnormal for them to miss one so M didn't worry when E texted her and told her he couldn't talk to her the other day. But then today, over skype, E told M he thought they needed to go on a break.

Everyone who's ever watched Friends (or had any friends) knows that a break is really just a break-up. M was shocked. She hadn't seen this coming at all. She thought everything was going well with E, at least as well as expected. She demanded to know if there was another girl. E said no, that he just needed some time to think. Whatever that means.

M promptly called A and J, who showed up with black raspberry flavoured vodka and chocolate. Maybe M and E aren't the longest lasting couple we know, but they seemed solid. J tried to reassure M and told her that E was probably going through a rough patch being overseas and having a lot of things in his life change. She said as soon as E came home to Australia their relationship would go back to normal. The ever blunt A pointed out that no matter what was changing in E's life, if he really cared about M he wouldn't break up with her. Because, since when do break-ups make relationships stronger? J used a metaphor that a relationship were like a band, and sometimes they go on hiatus because they need a chance to experience things on their own but it doesn't mean they won't come back together and be amazing.
M is trying to remain positive. After all, she's known E forever. If he wanted to actually break-up, he'd just say it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Blast off, he try to shoot you with precision, take your face off"

Yeah, St Paddy's Day is one of our favourite holidays. You didn't expect that?

Covered in green glitter and dancing the night away after a day spend drinking Irish beer is really the way every weekend should be. A, J and M hit the town with C, who's always willing to go out with the girls to a non-rock venue. He, of course, was hit on by several guys, while drunk texting and wearing the best hat of anyone we saw out. J was trying to escape from an old clingy hook-up who was apparently a terrible hook-up. A spotted footballer, her flirty (non-single) neighbour who she hasn't seen since he attempted to have sex with her months ago. She played hard to get, as is her standard, and he bought her drinks all night. Well, he earns better money than anyone else our age. A was trying to get inside information for her Supercoach team. M was supremely bored by all the football talk and danced on the bar with C. J had to leave the bar in order to escape the clingy hook-up and stumbled starved into a noodle shop where she received dumplings that she later threw up in a taxi. She also managed to give her number to the cute DJ, who has already suggested they catch up. A somehow got a large cut and bruise on her arm which C claims she got in a bar fight but M doesn't recall any such thing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"I wanna hold your hand"

Rainy music festivals, drinking whole bottles of wine in the park, dancing to the jukebox while your friends shake their heads in shame, painting your nails black covered in fresh glitter, watching Community and drinking tea, threatening dudes who won't give up the pool table, losing your phone and picking it up at a random's house....all in a day's work really.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes"

J decided to man up and have coffee with B. She's finally ready to admit to herself that she misses B even if her twin sister happens to be a raving lunatic. After bonding over conversations about Kasabian, The Vaccines and Falls Festival in general at L's party J got B's number and they met up during the week. J wasn't quite ready to get roaring drunk or have a long deep and meaningful by she figured it was worth a shot.

It occured to J how long it has been since she's really spoken to B. In the dying days of their friendship J just couldn't handle the way B pandered to K and followed her around. That was around the time B dropped out of uni and stopped working and her only friends were K's friends and she had nothing interesting to talk about ever and used to obsess about guys who didn't know her name and tried really hard to make people think she was cool even though it was obvious she didn't even think herself cool. But it seems B had finally gotten back to her old self, the one she before her messy break-up with R and before she fell into the depression that had her following K around. B has a new job, a new uni course and a new life.

It was a pleasent enough catch-up, although J still felt like she had to moniter everything she said. She knows it will all get back to K, and despite (or maybe because of) talking to K at L's party J doesn't trust K. It probably doesn't help that K told L it was J who threw up in her bed when it wasn't, or that K and L went drinking with B and K got so drunk she couldn't stand up. It was G who ended up finding K in the bathroom when she was having a night out with her own friends, and K started babbling lies to G about A and J. Yes, it's very high school, but that's very K. Still, J found herself summarising her life over the past year: Motley Crue, Wow, the married guy, her new tattoos, her new piercings, her new job where her boss thinks she's s drunk, her new dentistry degree. She steered clear of topics like Druggie and how she failed a lab class because her teacher caught her fucking a guy after hours.

Out of everyone (including L) B seems to be the one who is closest who H these days. It probably makes sense since B is the only one that ever got close to domestic happiness and that is the life H now leads. A and J can't face H because her life is their worst nightmare and even L struggles with it because she's ambitious and doesn't understand how H can be willing to throw it all away. The twins deal with it the best because they've always wanted family. Apparently T has been bossing her boyfriend around a lot and he's a real pushover which B thinks is a good thing. Maybe he's just the type who snaps. After all, he was wanted for murder. But that doesn't really explain why B and H are suddenly best friends. Truthfully though even B can't understand what's happened to H. Apparently she invited H and accidental date to the movies when she won free tickets, but was told they didn't go to the movies. If B wanted, she was welcome to join them at home to watch DVDs.
Yeah, when you're not even going out to the movies, something is very wrong.

Friday, March 9, 2012

"Well I guess you must find me beautiful...or interesting"

Last weekend was L's birthday, otherwise known as the first time A, J, H, K and B had seen each other face-to-face in well over a year. Even N was present, although she was still quiet as usual. It would be lovely to say everyone instantly felt as if no time had passed and they were all best friends again, but nothing is ever that simple.

A refused to talk to manipulative K. After discovering she had been driving a wedge between A and L and lying to a bunch of other people about A she announced she would never speak to K again. She's sticking to that vow. And these days A and L have become good friends again. J crossed the floor and tried to clear the air by chatting to B and K, but after ten minutes of K's fake smiles and declarations about how much she'd missed J, J had to down a glass of tequila and coke and back away, quickly. She tried talking to H but H carefully avoided eye contact and sat straight-backed with boyfriend accidental date. Accidental date didn't speak to anyone at the party other than H and L's grandma despite L's efforts to get him to speak to him. B actually seemed much like her old self, before she got in her post-R depression and started agreeing with everything K said. Apparently she has a new job and uni course and a bunch of new friends. Talking to her, J realised how much she'd missed B and remembered what good friends they'd once been. Of course the main reason she's stopped being such good friends with B was K and that problem still exists. K hasn't changed.

A stuck to chatting to M and G as well as her and L's large group of mutual uni mates. It was clear whose 'side' had the numbers- and it wasn't the one consisting of H, accidental date, B and K. A actually ended up talking to H after a drinking contest with one of her uni mates. She was drunk, but her friend was passed out on the ground with his best mate's hand down his throat scraping out the vomit. L considered calling an ambulance but her suggestion was vetoed along with J's suggestion of shoving a fork down his throat to make him throw up. H wasn't drinking and apparently accidental date doesn't drink. Ever. The idea horrified A but she tried to place nice. In the end though she was just left horrified by everything that H now is. H seems empty, a shell of her former. If H had had a worst nightmare back when we were all good friends, her life now would have been it. It wasn't just that she was dressed and acting conservatively. It wasn't just the fact that she apparently no longer drinks or goes out or goes to gigs. It's not just that she lives in the suburbs with a guy whose hand she was holding the entire night. It wasn't just that she had no interest in talking to new people when new people used to be one of her favourite things. It wasn't just that she now apparently has no desire to travel anywhere. It was all of that and also the look in her eyes. She was missing the glint, the passion, that she once had. The H that we know and love is gone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, B, K and H all left early. L was left to party with A, J, M, G and a few of her uni friends. Someone threw up in L's bed and L was determined to find out who it was. M blamed J who was walking around glazed and dazed after two many tequilas. J blamed N who is known to throw up whenever she has more than a small sherry. N blamed the uni guy who got in the drinking contest with A. M found him passed out in L's bathroom about 6am (this was after the ground vomit incident) having covered all the walls in dirt and grass.

The next morning at 9am the drinking contest loser drove home. No one can quite work out how he managed to get home without getting arrested or getting into a crash.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What we're doing this month...

Loving: seriously spicy fish
Listening to: Marilyn Manson and Slipknot
Crushing on: anyone with a foreign accent
Worshipping: those kids who have a house with a pool...
Eating: tandoori chicken with daal
Drinking: Mai Tais
Rocking: band t-shirts
The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly...yeah we're a bit behind the times so what?
Failing: to not judge young people who get married