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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse."

It's been a year since H vanished from cyberspace and phone conversations and reality. Last week however she got herself out of the rabbithole and made a new facebook. Her new friend list has all the usual suspects, L, B and K as well as a bunch or random grunge rockers and gorgeous strippers and drag queens as well as pretty much the entire graduating class of her high school. But no A. And no J. Talk about insulting. It's hard to believe that, despite everything that's happened, H would rather talk to the toxic twins than A and J. H was always the one that really hated K, even before everyone else did, and only put up with her to spend time with B even though her and B were never that close. And ever since it became obvious that L was still spending time with H, the once fab four were all hoping to get together. Except clearly H wasn't hoping. It seems any hope of getting those four in a room again...well, let's just say the ship has sailed.

Meanwhile A is starting to get concerned about her new housemate G and her boyfriend. G didn't bother attending his birthday party, has plans for New Year's Eve that don't involve him and is currently planning an overseas trip...also without him. While it's true that G and her boyfriend have been together for almost 5 years and are long past the poing where they have to see each other every day and they are completely comfortable with each other, it's still a slight concern. Especially when A got home from a booze session last week to find their flirty neighbour footballer spleeping on their couch. Apparently he lost his keys. Hmmmm, one smells a rat. Then again G was far from pleased on wake up on Monday morning to get ready for work and discover V making himself a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. And it was G's cereal too!

J is still seeing her married man, although she is also seeing a wannabe rock star with too many tattoos and glitter on his face. M is still with her boyfriend as well, but that doesn't seem to be going as well as she'd hoped and she's so desperate for a break she took off for a random weeklong holiday to Perth. Well, at least the weather's good on that side of the country.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Do what I want cause I can and if I don't, because I wanna be ignored by the stiff and bored, because I'm gonna"

You would think that basically being a uni dropout would mean less work right? J has been 'studying from home' this semester which she imagined would involve smoking and drinking in her backyard while blasting Guns N' Roses and watching grunge documentaries. Yet somehow, even though she doesn't have a job, she seems to spend more time at the local library looking up journal articles than hanging out in the sun. What's up with that? A thought doing just 1 subject this semester would be peaceful (bringing a whole new meaning to the term 'part-time student') but instead she keeps getting dragged into every public speaking/mock trial (called a moot- what the fuck) event on campus and spends most of her time researching obscure areas of law. L is a 'real' part-time student, so she's just got the 2 subjects this semester so she thought she'd really be able to apply herself. No so. A has decided to use L as her 'researcher' for her current projects. At least they seem to be getting along. After one of their particularly heated competitions they went out for 'a few beers' afterwoods with a few uni mates. Of course a 'few beers' for A is more like 15 and she was singing along to the jukebox with the bartender while L sat awkward and mostly sober in the corner.

J has started an affair with a handsome married man she met at a classy restaurant after attending one of Druggie's friends birthdays. He's probably the typical scumbag married guy, hitting on hot younger girls and telling them his marriage is falling apart and he's considering divorce. J doesn't really care what he says. She's not exactly looking for him to leave his wife for her and certainly doesn't believe he will. She's just enjoying a guy who can afford to buy her expensive cocktails and is good in bed. It's a good change from her old boyfriend who didn't have 2 dollars to rub together. She does feel a bit guilty about his wife but figures if he's such a blatent cheater there relationship isn't that great anyway. But for J, there's always the risk that her old hook-ups come back to bite her in the arse. Her and A have been hanging out a lot at this rock club in town and having a lot of fun. Until one of the guys J hooked up with when she was dating Motely Crue appeared out of knowhere. We shall call him Wow, since he's a bit of a freak and a gamer. She had a bit of fun messing with him, flirting and then being a bitch, while A picked a fight with him because she is a bitch. Now the old hook-up is appearing everywhere, including in photos with A and J that they can't recall. Ah, the effects of alcohol. Well that and A's recent drunken photobombing where she grabs any opportunity to appear in a random's photo. If only he would disappear but now that he's a promoter at their favourite rock club it just doesn't seem likely.

A has still been regularly hitting the sheets with V, although she refuses to talk about it other than the bare facts. Even G knows nothing about it and they live together now. And she's still making eyes at other guys in clubs, including the Bon Scott lookalike she made out with last week. It was his crazy eyes that got her. And possibly the 5 Wet Pussy shots.

M's still with her boyfriend but getting increasingly annoyed with him. He didn't show up to an awards night where she was nominated for an award and felt a bit disappointed about it. He's still contantly sending text messages though. She's also been spending a lot of time with the newly single E who is searching for a girlfriend a bit lower on the crazy scale.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"I want a girl with a short skirt and a loong jacket"

To the two guys gossiping behing us about how hot that girl in the leopard print skirt is- did it ever occur to you that we too may speak French and can understand every disgusting thing you're saying?

It's the football you perverts!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What we're doing this month...

Loving: Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached...our kind of life
Listening to: Motley Crue
Crushing on: Justin Timberlake
Worshipping: The High Court for their decision on asylum seekers in Malaysia
Eating: Peking duck...mmm hoisin sauce
Drinking: white wine, gin, passionfruit and energy drink punch
Rocking: really tight really dark skinny jeans
Reading: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Failing: to drop classes before the census date...damn future HECS debt!