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Monday, December 13, 2010

"What if we were each other's soul mates?"

When I started this blog it was supposed to be about the solid friendships of six young women. Okay, not about perhaps. The idea of the blog was to write about the crazy, usually drunk, experiences and dramas they all went through. But at the heart of it all, in a very Sex and the City kind of way, was friendship.

These are six people who've known each other nearly a decade. People who've gone through high school together, and who made it out alive and closer than ever. We've been through boyfriends, break-ups, family problems, death, distance (some of us have lived in other countries for a year) and everything in between. Every friendship has problems, and we've all been through plenty of fights (screaming matches and fistfights just to name a few) but despite everything we've always been there.

But it seems like ever since I started this blog, the friendships have been falling apart. Men, who used to be used for kissing in bars and getting kicked out of bed, are becoming more and more important to the point where when one of us hooks up with one, they disappear. We aren't coping with crisises or conflicts as well. We aren't talking as much. We aren't even having as much fun.

How do you say goodbye to the people who meant more to you than anything?

Or do you play optimist and try and work it out?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"But I'm young and I'm pretty and that's all that you need"

A is still playing non-sexual and giving dirty looks to hot guys in clubs. They try to buy her drinks, she threatens to break their legs. It doesn't seem a fair trade. She's back to being 'just friends' (albeit friends that flirt constantly) with Hottie, figuring that he didn't actually owe her anything and the fact that he's actually engaged, while irritating is just a fact of his life. She doesn't even feel guilty that Hottie cheated on his fiance with her. This may be because A subscribes to the old school approach that it's not cheating if it's in a different area code...or you know, a different city/state. J suspects finding out Hottie is engaged makes A secretly want him more, because everyone wants what they can't have. But that may be because that would be how J would feel in the same situation.

Speaking of J, she finally ended up in a date with the awkward but great kisser guy who kept calling her but she was too afraid to answer her phone. Let's call him science geek, because that's what he is. J has a little science geek side to her as well, which can be shown through her early offer to study dentistry next year. She just keeps her brains on the down low. Anyway J isn't the best at 'dating' as it is since she usually does her best work from the bedroom and not the restaurant. And science geek was not exactly a chatterbox and was on the awkward side. Needless to say, the dinner didn't go so well. They didn't even get to have sex. Science geek is a ridiculously good kisser though, as J keeps pointing out. She says she's not completely adverse to more dates, as long as they involve alcohol and going back to his place after. But she still won't answer her phone.

K managed to drop her phone down the toilet, which would have annoyed anyone else since she has to pay out her contract to get a new phone. But K considered it a good spring cleaning of her contact list. K also confessed to J that she's worried about A and thinks A is depressed. J said that was insane since A is not the type to let guys get to her, especially not guys she's hooked up with just the one time. But K has been spending a lot of time with A lately. They even got their hair dyed together. K just got a lighter brown while A went bright pink which has started to fade and left her with this pink/orange/black hair-on-crack look that oddly suits her. Still, K pointed out that it's not just the Hottie situation that's getting A down but also everything that happened (or didn't happen as it were) with H. Truth be told, everyone's feeling a little down about H. It's hard not to be upset when one of your best friends walks out and disappears from your life. J isn't exactly feeling chipper about it herself.

As for B, she's sick yet again, with a lung infection this time. It's hard to find a way to point the blame towards one-night-stand which is truely a pity. She also managed to get caught up in Oprah fever with the talk-show queen's visit to Australia. The verdict? She is shorter and fatter (so more like a ball??) in real life. But just as powerful, so forgive me Oprah.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"I went to that tanning place your wife suggested." "Was that place the sun?"

Here's a tip (advice P had to learn the hard way):

When you decide to strip down for a solarium visit for the first time in a season, consider that there are some parts of your body more sensitive (and pale) than others.

You wouldn't want to end up with a sunburnt arse.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"I know it may look like I was being like a bitch, but that's only because I was acting like a bitch."

Summer is finally here! The past few days have been spent lazing on the beach, drinking vitamin water and eating shapes and getting tanned and swimming and checking out all the cute boys. How can you not love summer? Pity the rain has returned today. Well, we do have to turn up at work sometime right?

A has been talking non-stop about Hottie so eventually J got irritated and told her it might be prudent to just ask him out and stop all her committment-phobic nonsence. The guy is hot, funny and a great kisser so what exactly was A's problem? A finally decided to take a chance and follow J's advice. She figured she'd ask him out in a playful way that fitted their relationship/friendship but as she was planning another workmate informed her that Hottie was actually engaged and his fiance was in town at the moment. Yes, engaged. Not had a girlfriend but a freakin' finace. Apparently she is a ballet dancer and lives in Sydney, which could potentially be why no one had seen her before. A couldn't believe it. She would have felt betrayed enough to find out Hottie was engaged when they were just friends. How could he not have told her over the months of shifts they've worked together and all the other personal things they'd discussed. She though she knew him, and all this time he'd been keeping this secret. A was furious. Especially now that they'd made out and she was starting to fall for him. How could he do this to her? And you thought A was a man-hater before...She's definitely thrown sex out the window now, and seems pissed off at every straight male that crosses her path.

Luckily, she can team up with K who seems to have given up on men as well. Afyer breaking up with her the boyfriend who cruely told her he could never love her, K decided they should try and remain friends. This was very noble of K, who usually tries to cut her boyfriends off completely by deleting their number and never speaking of or to them again. She did it to end-of-the-train-line (who deserved it), she did it to E (who didn't really deserve it). So for K to try and have a friendship with an ex, it was pretty mature of her. However he continued the same jerkiness he displayed when they broke up by being a pretty shitty friend. He constantly stood her up and on one occasion told her that even though they were no longer together he expected her to have sex with him occasionally. When K refused he told her he never wanted to see her again, Asshole. So, like A, K is going through an all-men-are-wankers phase. They've both decided to become non-sexuals and go out drinking with the intention of screaming obscenities at randoms and abusing bad bands rather than hooking up. It's odd to see the pair bonding. They've never had a great friendship, possibly because neither will back down from an argument and they can both be psycho and bitchy. But the main thing is they're having a good time.

J's relationship with Bossman is upping the ante once again. After the Christmas party the sexual tension is right back in play. Bossman's 'friend-with-benefits' is out of the country, and he'll sleep with anything that moves. On a night out last week J jokingly burnt him with a cigarette which turned the ever-kinky Bossman on and he suggested she do it again. He now has two blistering burns on his arm and one...somewhere else. It's dangerous territory and those two should not be messing around. The big bosses already think they're involved, and it was only some quick talking from Ronald McDonald that appears to have saved him. Despite his not-so-great looks Ronald McDonald has turned out to be a pretty cool guy. He was a bit shy at first but now him and J are getting along well, although she'd conscious not to talk to him about Bossman. That could get awkward.

Speaking of awkward, B has been acting rather oddly lately. K suspects she is secretly meeting up with one-night-stand but hasn't told anyone because they are afraid they'll judge her. Considering J's attitude towards sex, how can B really believe that? The only thing they'll judge is the stupidity of B's belief that her one night stand may result in a relationship. Well, at least she's over R.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What we're doing this month...

Loving: summer fucking holidays!
Listening to: The Misfits
Crushing on: Andrew Garfield, who plays Eduardo in The Social Network. So over geeky Jesse Eisenberg types
Worshipping: JK Rowling for brings us the brilliance of Harry Potter
Eating: Summer fruits. Ah, mangoes...
Drinking: vanilla vodka
Rocking: sunscreen, a must at any Australian beach
Reading: Lonely Planet anywhere
Failing: to show up at work every now and then