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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."

Back to uni. Back to real life. Back to hell. Constitutional law will be the death of A and L, full time work just might quash even the hardest partier in J, and H is beginning to get bored of her new course after less than 2 weeks. Lucky B who doesn't care about uni at all and doesn't have to pay for it (her parents do) doesn't have the kind of problems the rest of us do. And K likes uni. Still can't understand why...

So, it having being a hard week we went to hit our usual Thursday night pub. Being a dedicated booze crew, we of course have a favourite bartender. When you go to the same pub every week, it happens. Our favourite bartender was boyishly cute, had a guns n roses tattoo and always have us doubles when we paid for singles. It was the perfect relationship. But alas, no more.

A couple of weeks ago (2??) K came along which doesn't always occur because she often works Thursday nights. She somehow managed to get in a fight with our favourite bartender about drink prices. She was refusing to pay more for jaeger rather than vodka, even though jaeger has never been a basic spirit in anyone's book and is never discounted in the same way as vodka. I mean, the guy gives us free booze anyway. What more can you ask for? Either way our bartender did not look happy and didn't serve any of us for the rest of the night. The following week things were back to normal until H commented on how his new haircut made him look like a girl and he went back to not serving us. We thought things would be fine again this week but not so. He not only doesn't serve us, but completely ignores us and pretends we aren't actually trying to speak to him.

What are we going to do without our favourite bartender?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"I got my cloak and dagger in a bar room brawl"

We're here to fuck shit up

- overheard from the mouths of blonde haired, overly made-up girls at a gig who later ran crying from the mosh pit. No, we're here to fuck shit up. You're just a bunch of posers.

Three concerts in three days. A hell of a lot of rock music. A hell of a lot of mosh pits. Ringing ears, black bruised feet, dozens of cuts, ripped clothing, shoes destroyed to the point where they had to be thrown out, and at least 20 bottles of gatorade. When you wake up bruised, beaten and broken but oh-so-good that's when you know you've had a good night. The best side of exhaustion.

Yes, we are those girls in the mosh pit. The ones surrounded by guys who are taller, bigger, stronger. The ones who don't flinch when we get kicked by heavy boots or punched by a fist the size of our face. Who doesn't love getting their violence on?

We are here to FUCK. SHIT. UP.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Okay, Joey, the dog will lick himself but will not touch your sandwich. What does that tell you?"

For H's birthday this year we decided on a small celebration rather than one of out typical crazy nights out. It was held at J's house and A, B, N, M, C and E showed up (as well as H and J).

K was apparently working but since she's never really liked H it wasn't exactly something anyone was worrying about. And besides, she hasn't been hanging around with us all that much lately anyway. The real question though was: where was L? Half an hour into the party, it was clear something was wrong. L is never late. Where was L? She was supposed to be bringing the macaroons, the only classy part of the night what with the potato chips pizza and chocolate! A phone call later it was discovered L was on a road trip with her family and wasn't going to be attending the party. B admitted L may have told her something over facebook, but she couldn't believe L actually wouldn't show up. After all, L is supposed to be H's best friend. And the party was virtually her idea. It was all, well bizzare really. And naturally no one was very happy least of all H. L hadn't even texted her happy birthday. Talk about insulting. B suggested L had actually ditched them to go on a trip with secret admirer not her family so calls were made to L's house all night long to 'check'. No one answered and really, who could imagine L of all people leaving with a guy who, realistically, she's only just met?

Without L, the party just wasn't the same. It turned into what, nearly a decade ago would have been the norm, a sleepover between 8 close friends. Lots of junk food, lots of music...oh, and plenty of vodka/gin/tequila and pot. Cocktails were made out of many things, including peach liquor and 'berry cocktail' (a concoction of berries floating in pink sauce that tasted like jam and stained everything it touched) and someone even made a banana-and-gin smoothie. Everyone was smoking either tobacco or pot, except M who has this thing against smoking and was in a foul mood being the only one not in a smoke haze. Numerous pizzas were ordered, dancing was had, and late night TV was laughed at. There was the kind of gossip and in-jokes and trips down memory lane that can only be had by friends who've known each other so long and so well that there isn't anything they don't know about each other. At some point everyone fell asleep in various rooms, tangled together like only true friends can be and woke 6 hours later to start it all again.

M had to leave because she claimed to have work, but one suspects she just wasn't having as much fun or feeling as comfortable as everyone else. B had to leave because she had 17 missed calls from k who wanted her home. No one was sure why at the time. Who calls 17 times? Maybe if someone had died. Turns out no one had, but K, control freak as usual, wanted B home. Like a dog on a leash B went and later that afternoon K dragged her off (hungover no less) to a karoke party of a high school friends that B never even liked.

The others remained and played ready-steady-cook with J's fridge. The idea began wehn an irrated A announced she wanted a macaroon tower like L was supposed to bring and decided to make one with the contents of J's fridge. Since J had pretty much none of the ingrediants in the end there was flour everywhere and nothing to eat. Ready, steady, cook! time it was. C made toasted sandwiches since that's about all he can cook. A made omlettes, because she's become obsessed with them lately. She filled them with spring onion, tomato, cheese, peperoni, mushrooms and sauce and they were surprisingly good. J made Bloody Marys. E whipped up pasta with cream of mushroom soup and bacon (those were his ingrediants). H made herself a lopsided chocolate cake that was actually delicious. Everyone settled down with their food and watched several movies like The Hangover, Superbad and some weird olf horror movie with zombies.

Somehow the night rolled around again and everyone decided it was time to finish off the leftover alcohol. More cocktails, more shots, a few card games and somehow everyone wound up in H's car with E driving, everyone drunk and screaming out the windows. Lucky there was no cops on the road on a weekday night. We all ended up sleeping at H's, much to the delight of Miss Priss in the morning.

After bacon-and-eggs (thanks Miss Priss!) it was time to go home. There was work and uni and life to catch up on. So maybe not a typical tween sleepover...maybe more like a 2-day bender.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"But you're obsessed with the sex girl, should I confess that you never got the best from me?"

It's winter and cold and the kind of days where you are forced to rug up in scarfs and gloves and nights where it's impossible to sleep without long socks.

That's why there has to be some things to take the edge off.

Last Saturday night J, B and M drank a ridiculous amount of pre-drinks (absinthe and bisen-grass vodka) before cabbing it into the city. Winter, the season of cabs. Thank god we live close in. They had several hours of fun dancing and drinking pink drinks from the bar (which they had no idea what it contained) and swigging from the bottle of jaeger B had snuck in. Yes, a whole 700ml bottle. Lucky no one checked her oversized handbag. Unfortunately who was to show up but Justin, the guy J was never really dating but he kinda hoped she was. J thought she'd got rid of him by ignoring all his attempts to contact her about a month ago. Justin ignored the last month and tried to cosy up to her. She would've ignored it, except he'd brought along his friend who B was interested in. No Gaga coincidently. J, B, Justin and his friend ended up going back tothe friend's house while M went home early. She's had an ankle sprain that still isn't quite healed and didn't want to make it worse with a ridiculously long night.

Once back at the house, the friend and J started smoking pot and listening to Eminem while cracking jokes about Justin. There were a lot to be made, such as why he listens to Justin Beiber and watches Sex and the City. Justin wasn't too happy about the jokes and started to get in a more and more foul mood. B wasn't too pleased either thinking J was cramping her style as she couldn't make a move on Justin's friend. The truth was J and Justin's friend were completely fried and having an excellent time. At some point the friend trundled off to bed and J was left with Justin. He didn't even bother to try and have sex. Neither did J. She normally has to make the first move with Justin but she was stoned and figured he was bad in bed anyway so what the hell. Why bother? J slept on the couch, Justin the floor. B snuck into Justin's friend's room and went to sleep in his bed but didn't try anything. An hour or so later (when morning had pretty much arrived) she woke up and freaked out that Justin's friend had died because he looked dead sleeping. In a panic she woke J who told her that he was breathing and thus fine. J decided it was time to head off anyway since she started work soon and wanted a shower beforehand. They left without saying goodbye.

As she swigged countless bottles of redbull mixed with random soft drink J was left to wonder what to do about Justin. She doesn't like him because he has a crap sense of humour and is bad in bed, but he has fun friends. Is that worth keeping him around for? She hasn't decided yet.

In the meantime we are preparing for H's birthday. L has announced she is making a Macaron Tower just like in Masterchef. We're all pretty excited, let's hope it works out better for her than the contestents.

"Hi! My name is..."

I've had a few emails about proper descriptions of the 6 main characters in this blog. Well, I say characters but they aren't exactly fictional I'm not sure what to call us. Just people. Friends. That works. We're all friends. 6 main friends. Anyway, I'm not going to include photos because well, I don't use photos on this blog and also because we're not photographer like people. You know how there's those friends of your's on facebook who take photos of every major event (every party, night out, music festival) they attend? That's not us. We rarely take photos because we're actually out having fun. When you're going crazy in the middle of a mosh pit you don't have time to take photos. We don't have photos that really capture who we are. So I'll just stick to words.

  • Long blonde hair, blue eyes, very tall, very pretty, several piercings and tattoos
  • Always wears skirts or dresses. Never seen in pants or shorts. Ever. Also always wears high heels, not that she needs to
  • Can't go a day without red bull, V, Mother, Monster or some other from of caffeinated, sugared energy drink
  • Acts a lot like Samantha from Sex and the City in that she is sexually aggressive. Lies to get guys into bed
  • Listens to all kinds of music and has a soft spot for hip-hop and hyphy
  • Still lives with her parents
  • Is an on/0ff uni student, about to be off again. Usually studies science when at uni.
  • Speaks 3, sometimes 4, language
  • Has worked a lot of jobs and is currently employed in retail
  • Smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish


  • Short in stature but makes up for it in big personality. Ever-changing hair colour, is black and very short at the moment which was used to cover up a disaster blue/orange experiment
  • Wardrobe is almost entirely black with a lot of denim and leather
  • Has an opinion on everything
  • Not afraid to punch randoms if they piss her off
  • Thinks How I Met Your Mother is the least funny show on TV (along with J, similar sense of humour being friends forever)
  • Law student without ambition
  • Works in retail
  • Drinks too much coffee
  • Is always sick
  • Committment-phobic to the core


  • Tall and with the kind of breasts most women pay good money for. Brunette, brown eyes
  • Obsessed with shoes although spends summer in thongs and winter in knee-high black boots
  • Has a collection of rings and necklaces to be envied by all
  • Sweet-natured and without a love for confrontation
  • Law student with ambition
  • Volunteers at a legal centre and works part-time giving legal advice for elderly people at a large firm
  • Very close with her family
  • Terrible driver, one wonders how she passed the test
  • Reads a lot in her little spare time
  • Unsure whether she has time for a boyfriend


  • Medium height, stick skinny and with an ever changing fashion sense. One day she'll be punk rock with piercings, black hair and leather jacket the next she'll be light brown wavy hair, make-up and piercing free and wearing florals.
  • Plays in a rock band
  • Works in a sex shop and at a casino
  • Is a killer skiier
  • Headed back to uni to study media. Has previously studies history, politics, chemistry, physics and nutrition
  • Moves house twice a year
  • Refuses to hear a bad word about The Clash
  • Football obsesses, like A
  • Still misses her late dog like crazy
  • Knows pretty much everyone in the state, or at least knows them once removed


  • One half of the Asian twins. Recently cut her usually super long dark hair short (shoulder length) and is loving it. Short, but not as short as K
  • Has been wearing a lot of make-up lately
  • Along with tight tight dresses
  • Is still in love with R, no matter what she claims. Romantic softie at heart
  • Studies arts at uni but rarely goes and thus has failed a lot of classes
  • Used to work in a deli but hasn't had a real job in over a year
  • Lives with K, who essentially supports her
  • Loves any kind of male attention, but gets guilty about one-night-stands
  • Cannot drink beer for shit
  • Lover of indie music


  • The other half of the Asian (Chinese) twins. Extremely short with long hair.
  • Wears a lot of pants and shorts, occasionally a skirt. Never dresses
  • Loves painting her nails hot pink
  • Studies at uni. Her course isn't law but that's what she calls it. One day wants to be a police officer
  • Works as a waitress at least 3 nights a week
  • Likes to be in charge
  • Gets herself kicked out of a lot of places for picking fights or having public breakdowns
  • Loves pop music and is often found singing random lyrics or posting them on facebook
  • Usually has a boyfriend or potential boyfriend. Very full-on in relationships
  • Feels everything very intensely

And who am I, the humble narrator? That one you'll have to figure out yourself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"So we're all men of our word really... except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman."

The university holidays were spent in varying degrees of undress in several different places, which is why there hasn't been a lot of posts.

L and A both went holidaying up north to various beaches. After a semester of 4-hour exams, too much alcohol and too much work they just wanted a break. Lazy days spent on the beach, tanning in the sun and a couple of ice-cold beers. But not the crazy parting antics we've come to expect from them. They just needed a break. L is still seeing her former secret admirer but isn't ready to fully commit and she needed a break from him too.

H had a wild trip to the US with her older brother who is moving to LA to pursue an acting career. She thought she'd help him settle in. In the end she made a few friends, went to a hell of a lot of parties and did a lot of drugs. She was close to getting arrested several times for lots of different reasons but always managed to get someone to getaway drive her. That's H. Always making friends the world over. And yet, she still couldn't convince anyone to give her band a recording contract. That could be because said band doesn't ave a name yet or any original songs. Give it time. Now she's back home and looking for a new place to live, naturally. She's also decided to go back to university this semester and study media. Just for a change.

J isn't going back to uni deciding to get a new job in a bar. It's the best place for her really, since she spend all of her time in bars anyway. But she's going to have to find a bar with her kind of people, like her current job in retail. As in co-workers who are comfortable with the fact that she drinks four energy drinks, talks about sex non-stop and is probably going to make-out with them at some point. Her mate and colleague S, has recently returned from his trip to Asia. She was looking forward to partying with him while the fab four were out of town but he doesn't appear that eager to talk to her. He's been ignoring her calls and texts. He visited the store to chat to Bossman, but not J. Bossman then lied to J about seeing S. She found out from P. J isn't too happy, but suspects S is pissed off at her because she's slept with two of his friends but refused to have sex with him. It's all a major double standard since he calls J a slut for her bed-hopping antics but he just laughs at the fact that Bossman has also slept with some of his friends. S, being a private school boy, has always been a bit pretentious and not as open-minded as most of our other friends. But he is still J's friend and it's unfair to be pissed off at her for the same reasons they get along so well in the first place. Either way it has forced J to hang out much more than she would like with B and K. B hasn't been too annoying for her and has only mentioned R once since he's return from New Zealand. He's living on his own since T is overseas. K on the other hand is still as insane as ever. She's talking about moving back in with her parents because she misses having close family and has a new loser boyfriend who is 8 years older than her and rumour-has-it is engaged to someone else. She constantly bails on plans with J to sit at home and study even though it's holidays. Whenever she does go out she gets ridiculously drunk and starts screaming at or attempting to fight bartenders/bouncers/taxi drivers/randoms. She's also always copying J to seem more 'cool' such as only liking bands/movies J likes even though we've known her for ages and know better. She's even 'switched' football teams! Of course J hasn't been able to talk about it with B because B gets all defensive. M and E are on holiday to the snow (though not together), and none of J's other good friends know K well enough to sympathise properly. Well, the fab four are back now and it's time to get a little crazy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What we're doing this month...

Loving: between semester uni holidays and Masterchef Australia
Listening to: Gyroscope and The Soft Pack
Crushing on: Bradley Cooper
Worshipping: anyone who ever appeared on The Chaser's War on Everything (but especially Chas)
Eating: pancakes
Drinking: ridiculous amounts of coffee
Rocking: Scarfs in every colour and fabric
Reading: we're taking a break from the books
Failing: to save enough money to holiday somewhere sunny